MMW #22 Thought Scientists 

In today's episode, I show you why you are already a "thought scientist," and how you can use this powerful identity to radically uplevel your life.

I take you through the 5 steps of a simple but effective "experiment" that makes it easier to first observe your thoughts, then change them (instead of the other way around).

"The way a scientist hypothesizes, experiments, then records the results and then analyzes the data against the initial hypothesis, that’s what you’re going to do with your thoughts."

"The most important thing right now is to get the exact words out that you have been using in your thoughts.  What words are repetitive and looping over and over in your brain?...Remember, these don’t mean anything right now.  They actually don’t mean anything ever but we’re going to focus on right now.  They are just words, and we are scientists observing and recording their occurrences." 

Step 1: 

Step 2: How are you feeling when you say these words aloud?  

Step 3: What has this feeling or feelings led you to do?

Step 4: Connect your Result to step 1 and analyze the pattern

Step 5: Use the data from step 4 to make a small but measurable shift in the original thought, and observe the effects of that shift in your life.

-Don't Rush-

"When you have analyzed this data, and you have correlated it to the full result, then and only then, should you start changing the thought sentence from the beginning. 

Why? If you don’t know specifics, if you don’t know the exact words that are making you feel the way you feel, making you act the way you act, and producing the results you’re producing, then plugging new word into the thought pattern just because it sounds good is like rolling the dice and hoping for snake eyes.   

It might work for awhile, but it won't stick.  You are setting yourself up for failure because you don’t know WHY the previous pattern gave you the results it did.  AND BECAUSE THE PREVIOUS PATTERN IS FAMILIAR, and COMFORTABLE, in contrast to the new one you’re trying to set up, you WILL fall back to that because there is no clear reason in your mind not to, there is no DATA supporting something better."

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