About Steel Maggie

Bold, dynamic, and tough as steel, synth pop artist Steel Maggie creates bittersweet dance pop for the minimally sane, the moderately restless, and the significantly idealistic. 

Steel Maggie made her independent debut with the EP release of Demolition Woman in 2018. Heavily influenced by Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, The Killers, and Christine and the Queens, her sonic landscape is a shimmering marriage of 1980s-reminiscent dance pop and her love of dramatic, literary, and mythological themes. With powerful vocals and musings on self-worth, mortality, and disillusionment, she delivers both incisive introspection and poignant revelations in every song.

The following release of the Out of Eden EP, comprised of singles “Warning Label," “Holy Ground,” and "Out of Eden," further amplified Maggie's theatrical and emotionally charged synth-laden sentiments.  

Steel Maggie envisions her music to be an audio injection of pure inner strength and self-worth for herself and others, and her upcoming single "Prodigal," releasing on March 4, 2022, will not be any exception to the rule.  "Prodigal" is the answer  to "Out of Eden," though the deepest answers of "Prodigal" are found in its vulnerable and open-hearted questions, set upon Bleachers-inspired synths and snares, and the nomadic lyricism of Brandon Flowers.

the demigoddess of dance pop

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