"Holy ground" vocals exposed

John mclucas

This is the bearded ginger & my production master known as John McLucas, whom I have affectionately dubbed "JLuke."

Why mclucas + steel Maggie = dream team

"Helping you create songs everyone will remember."  John McLucas as a producer has helped me do exactly that, and so much more.  He brings my raw piano scratch tracks to the fullest extent of my production imagination.  He can pull the most esoteric musical visions from my brain and turn them into reality.  Choosing John to produce Demolition Woman EP,  my debut release, was probably the best thing I've done so far for my music career, because took the time to understand and modernize my throwback 80s dance pop aesthetic.  We proceeded to take this sound to the next level with singles "Warning Label," "Holy Ground," and my next release "Out of Eden."   I seriously can't thank or rave about him enough.  You can book John McLucas or simply learn more about his offerings and absolutely kick-ass content at https://www.mclucasmedia.com/.