MMW #12 #teamnosleep = #no 

Is your life a work of art, or an ATM machine?  

Are you trading your time for vanity, sacrificing so many things you can never get back? 

I initially intended this to be nice informative episode on why sleep is so important to the creative process, but it quickly turned into a rant about the delusions of hustle/grind culture perpetuated by social media entrepreneur bros.  

You know the ones.   

If you really want to LAST in the olympic level arena of your choosing, you absolutely have to deliver the most value to the most people.  And to do that, to have longevity, you need to take care of your brain and body. That inextricable truth to impactful and therefore LASTING, success has been basically forgotten due to the parroting of hustle culture.   

You’re not putting your mental and physical health first?  You’re putting your inanimate object business and deadly pride above YOU. The reason why you’re able to do any of this in the first place.

And you will hit diminishing returns, in not only your business, your pride and joy right now, but in every other area of your life.  

So I strongly suggest you reconsider.  Make periods of rest an actual artistic or business practice and you will make gains, tenfold.  

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