Mind Made Wrong - Episode 42 - Sneaky Self Care 

Hello my beautiful creators!  It's me, Steel Maggie, here with probably my most relevant topic TO DATE.  We all know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything - it's so fitting that this particular episode on Mind Made Wrong (42) is MY answer to MYSELF and most of the patterns and mistakes I've dragged myself through my entire music career so far.  

If you're feeling lost in your career, or feeling like you need to do EVERYTHING or that you're missing this one thing some expert or coach is going to teach you that's going to make all the difference in your life... I want you to take a deep breath and listen to this episode, and know in your soul - you are worthy of your own trust, and you have everything right here right now to get you to the next step.  This is sneaky self care. It's about listening to yourself and honoring your values above all else.

Everyone has their own opinions, and many have literal financial investment in making sure you feel like you NEED what they provide, like something within YOU is missing. I don't buy it anymore. I hope you listen and discover the value and beauty and wholeness in YOU.   

If you have not yet heard my latest single "Holy Ground," you are missing out on the self worth dance anthem of your LIFE - It actually is the epitome of "Sneaky Self Care" https://youtu.be/ZBIZpAHz404

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"Bittersweet and bold dance pop for the minimally sane, the moderately restless, and the significantly idealistic" 

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