Mind Made Wrong - Episode 31 - Louise Warren Interview: Part 1 

This episode of Mind Made Wrong, you are going to meet the sister and friend I never knew I had, the DIVINE Louise Warren. She is both a musician AND a creative life coach. I couldn’t ask for a more fitting guest or a more timely interview when it comes to us beautiful creators choosing and committing to how we’re going to live our lives as artists and creatives in 2020. Even if it’s messier than we anticipated. Well actually, ESPECIALLY if it’s messier. That’s how we evolve ;)

The best thing about this episode - you’ll learn the importance of giving yourself the grace and time to take care of yourself, while still holding yourself accountable to the goals you have set.

You will be reminded that you, as a whole human being, supersede your goals and ambitions, and some days, the execution of your art will simply be to live. If you’re anything like Louise and I, this is a daily commitment to the care of our mental/emotional health, and it’s going to look different for each of us. 

If you received value from Louise’s message, please leave me a lovely rating or review wherever you listen, and please share this podcast with another beautiful creator you know. Thank you for the incredible gift of your dedicated listenership. Please tune in next Friday for Part 2 this interview. 

Louise’s coaching - https://www.raregem.org/ 

Louise's music - https://www.louisewarrenmusic.com/ 



Intro/outro song - "Signs of a Struggle" by Steel Maggie 

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