Mind Made Wrong - Episode 38 - The Secret to Authentic Gratitude 

Hello beautiful creators! Isn’t “gratitude” becoming such an annoying buzzword these days? Wantrepreneurs and influencers and even successful business people are trying to sell you on their seminars and overhyped content by using this word constantly in their podcasts, books, and ad campaigns… We all want to be successful, and sure, we’ll write down 10 things we’re grateful for every night if this big shot on Instagram said it helped him get rich. But the meaning and power of gratitude in YOUR life is significantly diluted in the process. This episode I break down the simple secret I’ve discovered for letting gratitude bear fruit in my life. And don’t worry, yet another thing you have to DO: it’s this and only this - a willingness to consider the possibility. 

Reach out and let me know if you’re willing to consider this method of accessing gratitude in your life - DM on Instagram or Twitter @steelmaggiehq, email me at maggie@steelmaggiemusic.com, or reply with a comment to this post!

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