Mind Made Wrong - Episode 32 - Louise Warren Interview: Part 2 

Louise and I are BACK for the second, and even more inspiring half of our interview (if you can believe that’s possible)!  It was an absolute blessing to talk with the musician AND life coach, Louise Warren. She is in tune with her creativity, how she shows up in the world, and most importantly, how she shows up for HERSELF.  If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, please do so, as it lays the foundation for the incredible goodness in Part 2.   


-How’s your input/output ratio?  Are you intentionally and lovingly filling your vessel, or are you “chain smoking people” to do that job for you? 

-Artists and burnout 

-How to develop a growth mindset 

-Our lives become our masterpieces when we let creativity flow in how we do our work and live our lives, whether you are a musician, painter, doctor, accountant.  You don’t have to be in the arts to live creatively. 

-“We can wake up and decide to matter, decide to transform the world in which we see, just by sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper.  How cool is that? That is magic.” - Louise 

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Y’ALL -  

Louise’s coaching - https://www.raregem.org/  

Louise’s music - https://www.louisewarrenmusic.com/

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FULL unedited video interview with additional silliness and 00's throwbacks, y'alls and all - https://youtu.be/Y_1medQXEYg

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