MMW #25 Issa Diva Interview 

America's next NEXT drag superstar, Issa Diva, is here with me to give you LIFE in this interview.  After hearing her beautiful story, and learning all the secrets that make her who she is, you will leave this interview with a divine mission to be EXTRA.  There are two parts to this episode, the first being the audio from the full video interview (which can be found using the YT link below), and then the second part being a special post-shoot bonus segment with Issa answering certain questions more in depth.  

YOUR ASSIGNMENT - Let us know in the comments how you're going to be EXTRA kind, EXTRA loving, EXTRA generous, EXTRA you this week and moving forward!

If you found love and hope in Issa's message, please share this with another beautiful creator you know, and leave a rating and review wherever you listen.  It would mean the world to both Issa and I to share Mind Made Wrong with as many of you as we can.   

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Video will be available by October 18, 2019 PST 9:00am 

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