Dish With Dexie - Steel Maggie

"Hello! I'm Dexie, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for tuning in to Dish with Dexie. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!!! EPISODE 6 OUT NOW! 🌸 Dish with Dexie returns with an amazing conversation with Steel Maggie, an extremely close friend of mine who means the absolute world to me. We talk about everything from her origin story as Steel Maggie, her sobriety journey, to many other things you'll need to tune in to hear. 

🌸 There is a situation in this episode I discuss that I was going through almost a month ago, around the time this episode was recorded. I want to clarify that I am no longer in this situation, I no longer feel the way I was feeling, but have decided to keep that part of the episode in to possibly help anyone else who may be going through something similar. 🌸 Dish with Dexie is a weekly topical podcast where me and a guest will talk about whatever we want, plus answer questions that YOU, the listeners, send in! Mondays, wherever you get podcasts."

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