MMW #9 - I Am Not My Warning Label 

This special edition episode of Mind Made Wrong coincides with the release of my new single "Warning Label."  Today I talk about how we can own who we've been, are, and will be, and still free ourselves from the shackles labels may have placed on us, whether self-imposed or put upon us by others.

"You’re listening to this podcast because you’re willing to go on this journey with me where we’ll progress into better and better versions of ourselves.

You’re on the path of evaluation and evolution. 

And because of that, where you are now will NOT be where you are in a year. 

WHERE you are, WHAT you’ve done, HOW you suffer, WHO you’ve BEEN, if you don’t like that person, if you don't like how that person tends shows up in the world, then that doesn’t have to be who you will BE now and in the future. 

You’re here because you’re willing to do the work to be a victor and not a victim.

We are victors with or without the warning labels. Because we own who we have been in the past, but we do not allow ourselves to be defined by any label, self-imposed or otherwise."

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