MMW #18 - Steven Meyers from Past Tense of Never 

Founder of the band with the RADDEST name I’ve heard in awhile (Past Tense of Never), Steven Meyers is here today with a vividly honest and brutally hilarious interview. 

We discuss the wild rollercoaster of his band’s journey, living with Asperger’s Syndrome, and his vision to eradicate bullying. If you want to cackle while also learning a metric ton of important things from Steven’s lessons from the music industry, and about Asperger’s and being on the spectrum, this is YOUR hangout for sure.  Don’t ghost.  

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Steven’s favorite resources on Asperger’s Syndrome 

The Aspie World YT channel - 

Asperger’s Central - 

Dylan Dailor’s TED Talk “Empathy and Asperger’s” - 

Lee Health YT channel - 


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