Mind Made Wrong - Episode 30 - Self Pity 

Misery doesn’t love company, misery loves an audience!  Today, for the 30th episode of Mind Made Wrong, (yay!!) I’m talking about self-pity, WHERE it comes from, WHEN I realized I was nurturing a state of self pity in my own life, and HOW you can extricate yourself from this particularly insidious emotional state.  There’s one simple (but not easy) way to get yourself out of this draw 4 loop in Uno, and I give it away in this episode. Listen on, my beautiful creators. 

Please DM me @steelmaggiehq or email me at maggie@steelmaggiemusic.com, and tell me you’re going to stop playing the unwinnable game so that we can declare it together and start that accountability!   

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