Mind Made Wrong #26 - The Power of the "Inner No" 

Do you feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction in your life?  Are you caught in a vicious cycle that keeps you from moving forward and actually making a real positive and lasting change?  Most crucially, are you blaming this on someone else or your environment? I’ll guess you are probably not using the power of what I call the “inner no” or “inward no.”  In this episode, I share with you the incredible results of my own “no” this past month, and show you how you can achieve the same in order to finally break the cycles and the barriers that have kept you from your truest and most authentic self.  I also distinguish acting with your best interest in mind from selfish, and give you ways you can discern the mental place where your action is coming from. 

I want to hear about your inner no!  Tell me how you figured it out, and how you are going to move from this point forward.  OR if you have already made some kind of decision like this, how did it turn out? How do you feel?  How has your life changed, or not changed as a result of this no?

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